Audit Performance


  • The audit represents the tradition, reliability and public credibility of PÉTREA and its technical managers. Recognition and our          reputation in the business world are very important to us.


  • We base our jobs by the high qualification, professional contribution, technical leadership, and reputation achieved over the                years.


  • The financial statements, which represent the rendering of admistration accounts of an entity, are highly valued by the                      certification of independent auditors and therefore require careful selection.


  • Our clients expect and receive a combination of integrity, personal customer care from experienced professionals                              and specialized technical knowledge from an integrated team.


A.  Adding Value


  • We firmly believe that auditing can represent our clients with added value that exceeds audit reports and their formal or legal          requirements, based on our work philosophy and behavioral posture.


B. Maximization, Utility and Audit Relevance


  • Maximum utilization of our services, experience and structure in benefit of our clients.


  • We aim:
  1.      Problem solving;
  2.      Appropriate guiding criteria;
  3.      The improvement of processes and internal systems controls.